AWWP on the Radio

Check out the AWWP’s Executive Director, Elisabeth Lehr,¬†on WBAI Radio! The program is called “Artsy Fartsy.”

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Christmas at the Briar

My roommates and I after Chapel decorating

It’s getting close to the holidays which, unfortunately for most college students, means exam time as well. There’s nothing like research papers, presentations, and comprehensive examinations to put you in the holiday spirit. Therefore, to combat that end of the semester stress, Sweet Briar makes a point of decorating! The chapel, the library, and Prothro are all decked out to make busy students smile before they head home for Christmas Break.

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Anyone who knows Sweet Briar should be aware of its reputation for an excellent horseback riding program. I have been privileged to ride for three years now (I skipped junior year because I couldn’t fit it into my schedule). However, this year has been my favorite, by far, because I love the horse I’ve been riding.

Grace is a three year old mare, and one of the sweetest horses I have ever ridden. She is owned by my riding instructor, Louise Goodling, and I feel so lucky that I’ve had the chance to work with her. We have come so far since the beginning of the semester; last week we jumped a two foot cavalletti!


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AWWP: New Website!

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project has a new website. Check it out at!
uk fun zone inflatables rental

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Bryant Park Christmas Fair

I just got back to school yesterday after a lovely Thanksgiving Break. As we head towards the holidays one must begin to consider gift giving. I have roommates, friends, family, and tap club babies to buy for. So, Saturday evening (after writing six pages of my English paper) my mom and I headed to the city to do some shopping.

The Bryant Park fair is a really fun flea market-like atmosphere where vendors set up little stalls that sell all kinds of things. In the center of the park sits the man-made Citi skating rink. While unseasonably warm for ice skating, it was lovely weather for strolling around the city, and the festive Empire State Building kept us in the holiday spirit.


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Girls on the Run

This semester my roommate, Molly and I joined the cross country running team. I have never been a runner, but XC is a club sport (so anyone can join) and the team and team captains were very welcoming.

This year Sweet Briar was proud to host the Girls on the Run 5k and, because of our association with cross country, Molly and I got to be running buddies! A running buddy is a partner that stays with a little girl during the race and encourages her to do her best. I ran with Emily from Tomahawk Elementary School, which was so much fun. The girls ran a modified version of the dairy loop, which started in the upper quad water walking ball, wound around monument hill and the barn, and then cut by the tennis courts and the gym to finish on Quad Road. This was not an easy course, especially when you consider that the girls had been practicing during their six weeks of training on a flat track! Emily ran an awesome race, as did all the participants. Overall it was a great event and I’m glad that I got to be part of it.


Emily crosses the finish line!


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Go Sweet!

Field hockey game against Oberlin

Today I went out to Thayer field to support my roommate Ariel Yoder ’12 and my friends Alex St. Pierre ’12 and Maddie Wilson ’12 on the field hockey team. The game was against Oberlin college and our girls played hard, but lost in the second half after a strong start. Nevertheless, it was an exciting afternoon and there were some very impressive passes and blocks made by our team. Go Sweet! We’re proud of depot slide

Loralei Whittaker '14 prepares to put the ball back in play.

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Hurricane Irene

You may remember that I’m from New York, so even though we almost entirely avoided Irene and any side effects here at Sweet Briar, I remain concerned about other areas of our country. Fortunately my family wasn’t in any of the mandatory evacuation areas, but my grandparent’s beach house on Long Island did get hit pretty hard. Below is a picture of a downed tree that just missed the house. Thankfully everyone I know is okay, and my thoughts and prayers are with those families (especially in Vermont) whose damage was much, much worse.

East Marion, NY after hurricane Irene

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Laundry, Sunshine, and Star Wars

My laundry, drying outside the old Bistro.

Today, my roommate Molly and I headed down to the old Bistro to do laundry. Fortunately, today was a nice day and the hurricane passed us by with little effect inflatable water slides clearance.

Laundry takes about two hours, so we brought along some reading and sat in the sun outside while we waited. Little did we know that just a few feet away, other students were hosting a Star Wars movie marathon! (And there were homemade cupcakes involved as well). Needless to say, I temporarily ditched my reading and enjoyed watching Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo battling the Death Star, while my laundry was drying outside.

Star Wars party!

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New Student Check-in

Alexis and Sarah directing traffic at the Conference Center

Welcome to the Class of 2015! This morning Orientation began for real with the arrival of our new freshman class. I was stationed at the conference center greeting and directing students to pick up their keys and ID’s from Residence Life (this year students could send a picture in over the summer, which made this piece much faster and more efficient) and getting their Orientation folders from the ladies from the Registrar and Dean’s offices. For any of you who remember back to our orientation or earlier, gone are the huge binders full of paper. Almost everything (including the student handbook and course catalog) are online this year in an effort to go green.

Lovely Ladies from Admissions: Abigail, Catherine, Kerri, and Grace

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