Meet the Sweet Spirits

This year I arrived at Sweet Briar a week early in order to receive Sweet Spirit training and help out with orientation.

Sweet Spirits are interns in the Chaplain’s Office, who help to promote religious life and community service on campus. We have a great team this year, including Samantha Benito ’11, Emily Boggs ’11, Caitlin Campbell ’13, Morgan Franke ’13, Heather McTague ’11, Tiera Owens ’11, Tiffany Rapetsky ’11, Allison Stansberry ’11, Glenna Vine ’11, and me. We are a diverse group, and represent various religious traditions.

You can learn more about us by following this link: Meet the Sweet Spirits

For part of our training/bonding this year, we helped with the landscaping on a Habitat for Humanity house in Amherst. We braved thorns, yellow-jackets, wire fences, insects and the heat. We walked away with scratches, stings, bites, welts, and one case of poison oak. But more importantly, we left feeling closer to one another and to our community.

Now, a week later, our battle wounds are fading (though we wore them proudly), but the bonds we built and memories we made remain with us. It was truly a worthwhile way to begin the new academic year.

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  1. grace loehr says:

    your room is really sweet and your project was very worthwhile. It renews my faith in the future with people like you all. Love aunt grace

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