Summer Vacation!

I can’t believe spring semester is already over. Congratulations to all the seniors graduating in 2011; we will miss you! However, I’m sure we’re all proud to say that we made it through finals week are looking forward to summer.

As you know, I’ve just finished my junior year and so have two more semesters at the Briar. I am very excited (though perhaps a bit apprehensive) for senior year, but in the meantime, I have fabulous summer plans to look forward to. Indeed, this summer I will be studying abroad at Oxford University through VPO (Virginia Program at Oxford), which is one of many study abroad programs Sweet Briar offers.

The program is a six credit, six week course that focuses on Elizabethan history and literature (think Tudor Dynasty and Shakespeare). This year six women from Sweet Briar (myself included) will be attending.

I’m sure you’ll hear more about it, and hopefully I will have some cool pictures and stories to post from the trip!

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  1. Janet says:

    We are waiting for updates from Scotland. How is it? Has the weather been nice?
    Dad and I are at the hospital with grandma and grandpa. I have your ipad and they got to read your blog! They love your writing, so do we.
    Take care and update your blogI

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