Pink Bikes (in SBC & NYC)

Photo courtesy of Meridith Kahn and the SBC Website

Since 2010, Sweet Briar College has purchased over 40 pink bikes for communal use on campus. You can take a bike from upper quad and ride it to your Biology class in Guion or vice versa, and someone else might ride it back!

These bikes have become a feature that I completely associate with Sweet Briar, so imagine my surprise when I saw them today in New York City! Three pink bikes, almost identical to the ones on Sweet Briar’s campus, were featured in a Lord & Taylor’s window display on Fifth Avenue (closer to 38th Street), affirming what SBC students already know: we are always in style.

Pink bikes in Lord & Taylor window, NYC.

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3 Responses to Pink Bikes (in SBC & NYC)

  1. jones11 says:

    Love it! Always classy. I’m so excited for you to blog in Oxford!

    • sprato12 says:

      Thanks! And I give you full permission to send me reminder facebook messages if the Oxford blogging isn’t satisfactory :)

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