In Vino Veritas

During the Fall semester 2010, I had an independent study with Professor Gutierrez on the philosophy of religion. During the course of the semester we read Plato, St. Augustine, Descartes, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and more. Of Kierkegaard we read Fear and Trembling and selections from Stages on Life’s Way including “In Vino Veritas,” all of which I loved. In Vino Veritas is a reference to a proverb quoted by Plato and Pliny the Elder and  is Latin meaning “in wine there is truth.” Kierkegaard uses it in the title of a chapter in Stages on Life’s Way in which he replicates scenes from the Symposium in his own discourse on love.

So this morning when I was skimming through the Wall Street Journal‘s Review and I ran across an article with the same title, I was intrigued. The article by P.J. O’Rourke references Plato to discuss “a modest proposal for more honest politics.” Then, a’la Jonathan Swift, he suggests that politician should all have a drink before giving speeches in order to give voters insight into what these political leaders really think. O’Rourke than offers some hilarious suggestions. The article is definitely worth sharing. You can access it here.

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