Queen Blogger: Sarah Jones

1969 Briar Patch

Sarah Jones is a good friend of mine who just graduated from Sweet Briar this May. Hopefully, before she did, you got a chance to check out her blog. (If you didn’t, you should still go check out the archives because it was awesome.)  Just a glance at her main page proves that Sarah is a master blogger; her posts are eloquent, entertaining, informative, and FREQUENT! I don’t know how she does it. I will miss Sarah’s official Sweet Briar blog, but luckily for me, she’s been helping me out with tips and advice for mine.

via Sarah Jones

I love photography and design (part of why I was initially drawn to yearbook), so I’ve been delighted with Sarah’s new informal blog that features, among other things, many images from vintage SBC yearbooks. Despite being yearbook Co-Editor in 2010, (and flipping through the old books was both fun and inspiring) it would never have occurred to me use them as blog fodder. Fortunately for us, Sarah has graciously agreed to let me reblog some of her finds. Here are a few of my favorites.

Taking a walk.

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