NY State HS Football Classic: Go Downstate!

My brother Victor, photo via Frank Ordonez of The Post-Standard

This weekend, my family and I made the five hour trek up to Syracuse, NY to see my brother play in the New York State High School Football Classic. This game is the High School version of an All Star game in which the coaches select 100 of the best players in the state: 50 from Upstate and 50 from Downstate (Somers counts as Downstate). You can view the roster here.

The game was held at yesterday at Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome, which was a very impressive facility. Victor’s supporters at the game included family from all over NY, and from Maryland, as well as family friends from Syracuse and TX who came up for this event. Even more exciting (for me at least) was that my friend and new roommate from Sweet Briar, Molly Johnson ’12, who lives in Syracuse, also came out for the game! Molly and I had a great time chatting and watching some really talented kids. In the end Downstate took the victory, 41-7.

Victor and I at friends' Nick and Madonna's house in Syracuse, NY after the big win.

Josh Thompson of the lower Hudson Valley Newspaper covered the game, noting that “Somers senior tackle Victor Prato credited an up-tempo, no-huddle offense installed by John Jay coach Jimmy Clark — Downstate’s offensive coordinator — for keeping the Upstate team on its heels.” He even quoted Vic as saying, “when they keep it down to such basics where it’s tough to get an edge one way or the other, the no-huddle was huge.” (If you know more about football than I can explain, you can read the rest of the article here to try and fill in the blanks.)

So, while I admit that I have a less than excellent understanding of what all that means, I do know that I had a great time and really enjoyed visiting with family, reconnecting with friends, and supporting Victor as he moves on to college ball.Australia

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