Prom 2011: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The perfectly coiffed couple.

So yesterday I am sitting in the living room with my mom, and she turns to me and says “Stephanie, imagine you had a little sister.” Um, ok; I have no idea where she is going with this. Then she asks, “would you go with her to get her hair done for the prom?” I obviously don’t ┬áhave a sister, and I still have no clue what this is leading up to, but I think about it and reply, honestly, that I probably would not. “Well,” she says, “I want you to go to the hairdresser, tomorrow, with your brother.”

Vic's usual do.

You may laugh, (I know I did) but upon consideration I realized that a hair appointment for my brother was an absolute must. Victor, has been growing his hair out for the past few months and it’s gotten to the point where he has quite a bit of it, but he hasn’t quite figured out what to do with it. Victor has naturally curly hair, like mine, that is (also, unfortunately, like mine) prone to frizz. Like most boys, he doesn’t do anything to it other than washing it. As a result, his hair is styled in what my dad refers to as “the wild man look.” Not exactly red carpet ready.

The completed style.

So at 11:45 today we drove to Lauren Michael’s Salon together where my stylist, Tina, washed, blow-dried and curled his hair. I give Victor a lot of credit; it took guts and a good sense of humor to go through 45 minutes of styling, AND to let me blog about it afterwards. His response: “I don’t care if my hair looks dumb, but my date’s going to have the pictures forever, so I had to do it for her.” The end result was totally worth it. In fact, there were comparisons made to such favorites as Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt. (In fact, he got so much attention from the ladies at the salon, I thought his big head might explode and ruin his “beautiful hair”!)

In the end, Victor and his date Brianna both looked great; I hope they have a wonderful time tonight.

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