Afghan Women’s Writing Project

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So as you know, 2011 is shaping up to be a very busy summer for me, what with all the family events and my fast approaching trip to the UK. However, you may not know that this May I was presented with the opportunity to intern for an international non-for-profit, the¬†Afghan Women’s Writing Project.

AWWP is an organization that gives women in Afghanistan a voice, enabling them to write and share their stories with the world. It is a project I believe in and a perfect fit for a Sweet Briar student, as it focused on women’s empowerment. I am currently working with the Founder and President of the Board, Masha Hamilton, and her lovely team including Kimberley Heart, Rachel de Baere, and Kavi Dulai.

Right now through July 31st, AWWP is working on The Freedom to Tell Your Story campaign, which will¬†support our small writers’ cafe in Kabul, our expanding operations in Herat, a Dari pilot program and an oral history component for Afghan women who may be illiterate.

Donate 20 dollars or more to AWWP between now and July 31st for our Freedom To Tell Your Story campaign and enter a drawing to win artisan jewelry, DVDs, CDs, signed books including The Kite Runner and an Amy Tan novel and more. PLUS, your gift will support the voices of Afghan women writers…

Check out the website to support these amazing women and their right to tell their stories.

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