Independence Day Celebration

Fireworks display at the Somers Independence Day celebration.

Today I took a break from packing for the UK (I leave tomorrow!) and attended Somers’ annual Independence Day Celebration. Our town is great because they understand that a lot of people go away for the July 4th weekend, so they hold our festivities the weekend before. This was a huge plus for me this year because I was able to experience the fireworks before leaving for Scotland. (The British, of course, don’t give a fig about our Independence Day.)

Hundreds of people turned out for the day long activities, but my mom and I just showed up in time to snag a spot on the grass and enjoy the show. I must say, it was very relaxing, in fact almost idyllic, sitting picnic style in the grass, sipping wine and watching the sky grow darker, until it eventually exploded with light and color. My favorite was a red, heart shaped firework, one I’d never seen before. Overall it was an impressive and immensely enjoyable display.

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