Oxford Colleges Tour

Oriel College

Last weekend, Dr. Fincham, the British Director of VPO, gave us a wonderful tour of some of the colleges at Oxford. As you may know, Oxford University is an institution  made up of 38 independent, self-governing colleges. The oldest colleges include Merton and Balliol, both founded c. 1260, while the newest, Green Tempelton College, was founded as late as 2008.  The colleges are mostly built in quadrangles, which limits access to them, although most are open to visitors at select times. We spent the majority of the afternoon walking around and saw St. Johns College, Balliol College, Wadham College, New College, Magdalen College, and Oriel College. The architecture was stunning and the history behind these schools was, arguably, even more impressive.

Magdalen College, view through the window

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