Notre Dame Cathedral

Inside Notre Dame

Possibly my favorite part of the trip was visiting Notre Dame Cathedral. We visited Sunday and got to experience the church during a mass, which set an appropriate mood for our silent exploration. So much of Notre Dame has become iconic almost every inch of the building was instantly recognizable from popular culture.double tube slide for sale

Since Carolyn and I decided not to wait online to go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, we instead chose to climb up to the bell towers of the Cathedral. The views from the top were spectacular and I loved the grotesques, all of which are different, with their own personalities and artistic merit. This one I think of as the inspiration for the Wizard of Oz flying monkeys (though I don’t know if there’s actually any connection.)

view from the top of Notre Dame

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  1. That’s an awesome view of the skyline from Notre Dame!

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