Goodbye Oxford

The six weeks have flown by. Today one essay, two tutorials, and the final party are all that stand between me and my flight home. I am already feeling a bit nostalgic about my time in Oxford, and know that I will this experience fondly. So many things done, seen, and learned! I know I made the most of my time here. As a tribute to locality-scavenger-hunt extraordinaire, Professor Cathy Gutierrez, I will publish my list of tasks accomplished. Thanks and shout-out to new friends (Kathleen, Kim, Elizabeth, and JP) and my tried-and -true ones (Carol, O’Neill, and Julie) for helping me on my quests. Also, much gratitude to my parents and grandparents for all of their support. And for any SBC students or prospies out there, study abroad is a MUST. Sweet Briar has tons of amazing programs; take advantage of them.Inflatables

  • Visit Christ’s Church College (film site of Harry Potter)
  • Visit Oneil’s Pub (paraphernalia: nabbed!)
  • Visit the Perch (hang-out of Lewis Carroll)
  • Visit Merton College (one of the oldest, tour courtesy of Julie)
  • Find the Gate! (At Trinity College! right under our noses)
  • Choose fav Bodelian reading room (Upper Radcliffe Camera)
  • See Duke Humphrey’s library (REALLY old manuscripts)
  • Don’t forget PARIS
  • Choose fav grotesque (fluffy foxish/sea creature)
  • Visit Alice’s Shop (postcard purchased)
  • Climb Carfax tower (or St. Mary’s Tower. stunning 360 views)
  • Be amazed by famous lectures (Christopher Ricks left me in awe)
  • Visit the Ashmolean Museum
  • chocolate chip cookies in covered market (yum!)
  • Visit LONDON! (Tower, crown jewels, Big Ben, Buckingham, Westminster, Globe = check!)
  • Stonehenge and Salisbury (plus old Sarum!)
  • Visit Oxford Castle (found the creepy door)
  • Try Pimms (and play croquet as a bonus!)
  • Visit the Roman Baths
  • See a Royal Shakespeare Company production in Stratford-Upon-Avon (Macbeth and The City Madam)
  • Learn lots of stuff about Early Modern England (obligatory, but still CHECK)
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2 Responses to Goodbye Oxford

  1. Brooke Hume says:

    I hope your trip was so much fun! I am truely a fan of your blog. Keep writing(:

    • sprato12 says:

      Thanks Brooke! I did have an awesome time, but it’ll be nice to see my family and then my friends when I get back to school. I hope you will keep following my (probably) less interesting life at SBC.

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