Girls on the Run

This semester my roommate, Molly and I joined the cross country running team. I have never been a runner, but XC is a club sport (so anyone can join) and the team and team captains were very welcoming.

This year Sweet Briar was proud to host the Girls on the Run 5k and, because of our association with cross country, Molly and I got to be running buddies! A running buddy is a partner that stays with a little girl during the race and encourages her to do her best. I ran with Emily from Tomahawk Elementary School, which was so much fun. The girls ran a modified version of the dairy loop, which started in the upper quad water walking ball, wound around monument hill and the barn, and then cut by the tennis courts and the gym to finish on Quad Road. This was not an easy course, especially when you consider that the girls had been practicing during their six weeks of training on a flat track! Emily ran an awesome race, as did all the participants. Overall it was a great event and I’m glad that I got to be part of it.


Emily crosses the finish line!


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